Wrapped in its young and attractive package, this chocolatehas a unique flavor.

These aluminum foil covered bells were first registered in1924 bycompany founder Milton Hershey. Hershey’s Kisses were first launched in the United States 95 years ago and MercaSIDhas been distributing themin the country for several decades now.

For over three decades, Crisol has been part of Dominican families. Due to its Caribbean heritage, Dominican gastronomy features a wide variety of dishes and Crisol is ever present in the flavor of each different region and on the table of every household. As a result of its campaigns promoting family values, it has become a standard, portraying the Dominican family as the core and essential balance of Dominican society.

In 1938 it began its production becoming one of MercaSID most important brand. For many years it was famously known as La “Manicera”. Adding delicious flavors and providing healthy benefits because of the sunflower seeds, also known as natural antirust for the body.