Medical Dispensary

In our facilities we have a Medical Dispensary with modern medical equipment in orderto supply basic health services to our employees. These services include the following:


We have a fully equipped ambulance totransfer any of our employees to a health center if the need arises.


In our health care unit, we have a network of pharmaciesthan can supply medications as part of our “Medication Plan” benefit established by the corporation.

General Medicine Consultation

We have health care staff available to provide assistance in emergencies and ambulatory consultations during working hours.

Beauty Services

We offer basic dental services for prevention purposes.We have five dentists who provide basic prevention services, tooth extractions, fillings – both amalgam and resin- simple prophylaxis, etc…

Pace Program

We worry about the emotional wellbeing of our employees, providing attention through a specialized group of psychologists that emotionally assist and support them.

Health Fair

In acknowledgement of our commitment to our employees, we constantly ensurethat our general health and safety rules are being implemented in order to preserve health and prevent accidents, due to which every year we organize our institutional “Health and Safety Fair”, offering all our employees and their relatives the opportunity to undergo studies and health consultationswith different specialistsin our facilities, free of charge.

At the fair we offer programs that include educational talks on health, safety and the main socio-cultural issues affecting our society, such as: Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, skin disease, auditory disorders, lung and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, breast, uterus, prostate cancer, as well as on nutrition, obesity, anorexia, ergonomics, occupational risks, disaster prevention, family violence, preparing for retirement, family planning, among others