At MercaSID, we are aware that our most important resources, -the most valuable- are “our people”; the men and women that day-to-day give us their human and professional potential, their efforts, their commitment; those who bring about our company’s success and have kept us throughout the years in a preferential spot of the Dominican labor market.

Therefore, we offer important benefits for their enjoyment and peace of mind, thus contributing to labor stability and permanence.


Every three years we hold our “OlimpiSID”, a sports, recreational and cultural activity that brings together the entire MercaSID family in an enthusiastic environment.

Feria de Productos

“Consume lo nuestro” Product Fair

Our Product Fair entitled “Consume lo Nuestro”: periodically offers all MercaSID staff members the opportunity to purchase our products at low cost.


Communication is fundamental for the proper operation of our institution. Our information channels are: e-mails, newsletters, informational bulletin boardsand our institutional magazine “MercaSID al Día”; these provide information on product launches, conventions, and our products, always highlighting our people and their achievements.