SID Group companies stand out in Cleaner Production Awards

20 de February, 2024

MercaSID, a Grupo SID company, was recognized in the Seventh Edition of the National Cleaner Production Award granted by the Ministry of the Environment, aimed at Dominican companies and institutions that implement actions to reduce negative impacts on the environment, increasing competitiveness in the market.

MercaSID received two awards for its project to consolidate distribution routes in the energy category, and in the materials category for its initiative to unify low-volume corrugated products.

“These recognitions are another example of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the initiatives we continuously implement to collaborate, from the nature of our companies, to the success of the SDGs,” said Claudia Rodriguez, Corporate Director of Quality, Safety and Environment of Grupo SID.”

About the projects

Unification of low-volume corrugated boxes: this project achieved a reduction in the use of corrugated boxes, reduction in waste generation due to obsolete or damaged inventory, reduction in the consumption of natural resources (due to the use of cardboard), maximization of the use of warehouse space and reduction in the use of pallets.

Consolidation of Distribution Routes: the project consisted of the implementation of a digital application that automates the planning of delivery routes and enables real-time monitoring of the operation via GPS; achieving savings and efficiency in the number of monthly trips through the dynamic design of distribution routes.

Grupo SID companies have participated in the seven editions of the National Cleaner Production Award, and remains firmly committed to being an entity of action and promoter of economic, environmental and social sustainability.