Dispensario médico

Dentro de las instalaciones tenemos un Dispensario Médico que cuenta con modernos equipos médicos, para suplir a nuestros empleados en los servicios básicos de salud. Dentro de los servicios se encuentran los siguientes:

As MercaSID, S.A. is aware of the need to develop talents and adjust them to the technological advances and changes taking placeat a national and global level, one of its main concerns is to keep its staff abreast, by conducting technical and professional studies as well as specialized training courses, facilitating their personal development and providing the possibility of higher opportunities. This way, we reach our objective of “Excellence for the Dominican Consumer”.

We have a highly professional staff that is fully devoted to teamwork, united by their sharedenthusiasm and a strong vocationfor progress.

MercaSID recognizes its most outstanding employeeswhoseachievements as well as their determination, dedication, commitment and willingnessto serve, make them worthy of a number of awards:

Not only do weappreciate the professional-employeebehind each one of our collaborators, but we also value them as individualsand theirrole in society. Due to this, we develop different programs and activities in order to pursue the integration of all our employees.

Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, among others.