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It has been more than thirty five years since
Don Pedro Rivera began what is today Induveca,
the line of meat products preferred by all Dominicans.


In all these years dedicated to our consumers, we have
greatly evolved. In addition to our traditional salami,
meat cuts and smoked products, we continue to
develop other varieties of salamis, hams and sausages.
We later launched a healthier alternative with the Caserio
products and our line of cured products Don Pedro.

In 2006, Induveca expands its product line acquiring the brand
Yoka, a leader in the yogurt category and a pioneer in the
Dominican with more than 25 years of experience in this field.
At the same time, we expanded our offer of milk products by
introducing the cheeses "Blanco de Freir" (White Frying Cheese)
and Cheddar, produced in a new plant.

Induveca has been in constant expansion and evolution. Our innovations have allowed us to continue being the preferred choice and the leader in all our product lines. We are proud of the path our team has taken, thankful for their efforts and for the contributions, during all these years, of the many men and women together with whom we have created what we are today: the leading company of refrigerated products in Dominican industry.

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